02 May 2014

Most Shocking Second a Day Video dissected

Viral video - Most Shocking Second a Day; syria; Save the Children

We recently came across an article featured on YUPVIDEO on our Most Shocking Second a Day video we produced for Save the Children.

This article looks at the production aspect of the video such as its annotations and connotations, point of view, motifs, framing and sound.

Here are the main points it covers:

The storytelling uses the second person address aesthetics, allowing the audience to stand in front of the protagonist. Here it’s important to notice that even though the little girl stands in the foreground, our attention is constantly pointed to the sequence of events happening behind her and gradually introducing us to the delicate Syrian issue.

The increasing climax of events leaves the audience on hold until the very end of the film and establishes connection at a very deep level, which makes the campaign a powerful piece of storytelling.

The soundtrack also plays an important role. Dialogues are almost completely replaced by diegetic sounds from the background. The voice-over from the TV News, explosions, screams and alarms add that required sense of realism.

The campaign sure hits the nail on the head by using the second-a-day aesthetic – a well-known technique which has rapidly proliferated among social platforms. Jump cuts reveal to be more than useful here in support of the narrative, to maintain that shroud of unpredictability.

It’s great to see that someone’s dissected this and taken note of every little detail we put into making the video.

Take a look at the full article here.