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What Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

15 May 2018

As we’ve slowly but surely gotten used to more globalised ideas of being more civic-minded, businesses have also had to step it up, especially since the dawn of the age of social media. But due to the powers that be it’s easier for an individual than it is for a corporation to “do the right…

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5 Content Marketing Examples From Charities That Inspire Us

08 May 2018

Content marketing is no longer a cutting-edge experiment. It’s a well-established, proven component of any smart company’s marketing strategy. Carefully-crafted and well-executed content distributed across multiple online platforms breaks through internet clutter, to build brand awareness, engage potential customers and develop trust. We at Don’t Panic cut our teeth with purpose driven content for charities…

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Effective Ways Non-Profits And Charities Can Drive Donations Through Content

01 May 2018

Every non-profit tackles the challenge of spurring online donations in a different way. Some rely primarily on email solicitations. Others build a large social media presence where they can interact with others who believe in their cause. And there are charities which put most of their effort into telling long-form, riveting stories on their website.…

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How to Promote Viral Content

24 Apr 2018

Every blogger, marketer, or brand dreams of creating that magical piece of content that goes viral the instant it’s posted. Going viral is a great thing no matter what industry or niche you are in, apart from maybe the adult film industry. You definitely want your brand or posts to be seen by as many…

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How I stopped worrying and learned to love Brexit

23 Apr 2018

Brexit meant breakfast and our MD Joe Wade found it a little hard to swallow. Now that it looks like its going to be brinner for the foreseeable future, Joe has managed to see the funny side and made a TedX talk about it. But just like Brexit, Joe’s talk is dividing opinion with Youtube account…

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National Autistic Society, Diverted

10 Apr 2018

We teamed up with The National Autistic Society to create ‘Diverted’, the newest film in the Too Much Information campaign. Too Much Information aims to increase public understanding of Autism and give people an understanding of what actions they can take to help. The campaign launched in 2016 with our Can You Make It to…

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Questions to Ask Yourself About Viral Marketing

10 Apr 2018

Why do we suffer? Does life have a purpose? Should we fear the future? Is there a god? Life’s big questions can seem a bit overwhelming, but none is more all-consuming and existential than the five questions one has to ask oneself if you desire to go viral! Generally speaking, viral marketing is considered a…

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Could Virtual Reality Eventually Substitute an Actual Reality?

04 Apr 2018

What is reality? Usually it’s overheating on the Central line whilst ignoring a podcast en route to a Monday morning meeting. But what if we go a bit deeper, beyond the tube and past the coughing person next to us who shouldn’t be on public transport; how do we actually manage to distinguish between what…

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Tips for Writing Viral Headlines

27 Mar 2018

Viral headlines. We’ve all seen them. They reel you in with a title you just can’t help but to click. But what is actually in a viral headline? How do companies, blogs and websites always manage to come up with headlines that draw the reader in time after time? Is there a science behind it?…

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Think You Understand Me?

20 Mar 2018

We teamed up with Caviar and Childline to produce the film to debunk stereotypes and challenge discrimination. The film ‘Think You Understand Me?’ highlights the issues that surround ethnicity and culture, including racist bullying. The film follows a number of young people in a range of situations that challenge stereotypes and discrimination. We illustrated personal…

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