We’re the most-awarded content agency. We specialise in creating shareable, contagious ideas.



Do you need a huge viral video that earns loads of media or how about nimble, reactive videos about trending events turned-around fast? Do you want to communicate a simple truth or brand message with a great story or moment of empathy? Are you looking for high-profile, highly shareable, multi-channel content that keeps people engaged with your brand?
Then welcome, my friend, to Don’t Panic!

We’re a multi-award winning creative content agency obsessed with contagious ideas, naturally shareable content and bespoke seeding campaigns.

Our ideas earn media. We keep paid media to a minimum as we prefer to invest in creative and production, rather than spend money promoting content no-one’s interested in.

We’re not obsessed with counting views (although we get plenty). We’re obsessed with measuring engagement: the number of Shares, Likes, Comments and Click-throughs that our content inspires. Because that’s what content is for.

We are unique in that we plan creative and seeding campaigns at the same time under one roof. Thinking about how well an idea will spread across the web is something we do from its inception, not something we worry about later. We consider multiple viral hooks to be a vital, natural part of the creative process.

  • We have created more genuinely viral videos than any other agency
  • We come from a digital content background: we are content creators who decided to become an agency, rather than an agency who decided to make content. It’s a fundamental difference
  • We understand the demographics of sharing, from Millennials and Generation C to ABC1
  • We know how content spreads organically through the web and how to make this work for you (if you’re willing to take calculated creative risks)
  • Our viral expertise and digital savvy come from 7+ years of running our own, culturally relevant seeding platform: Don’t Panic Online
  • We’re as comfortable making a low-budget prank film or shutter-art campaign as we are creating an entire (BAFTA-winning!) TV series. Great ideas are great ideas
  • Nothing we do goes unnoticed. As our constantly expanding awards-shelf continues to prove


“How do you win so many awards?” our friends at traditional advertising agencies keep asking us. And while we’ll never tell them everything, it really comes down to one question:

“Would we share this?”

Our awards shelf is a direct result of that constant self-examination.

  • We won our first Lovie Award for best viral in 2011 (and again in 2014, the only agency to win it twice) and have continued to win awards for viral content ever since. We’d list them here, but we’d have to keep updating the list with new ones (although it’s probably safe to mention the three Cannes Lions, because it’s a while before we can win another one)
  • We are the only agency to have won both a TV BAFTA and a Cannes Gold Lion
  • We have won more awards for viral/social video than any other agency


A potted history

We started out making Don’t Panic Packs for students, clubbers and the visually curious. You may have picked one up yourself. Stuffed full of art (from people like Banksy and Shepard Fairey), politics and practical paraphernalia, they became an icon of counterculture.

Next we took the politics of the Don’t Panic posters online, making headlines with disruptive viral videos and quickly figuring out what worked (and what didn’t) in spreading the word online.

Take a quick look at some of our early greatest hits:

It was these videos that evolved into the BAFTA-winning TV show, The Revolution Will Be Televised.

We’d love to find out what we could do for you.