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We Got Guys Talking About Suicide

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We Got 10,000 People to Sleep with Somnai

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Turns Out Money Can Buy Happiness

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We Changed The Public’s Perception Of Autism

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We Made People Think Twice Before Sending An Aubergine

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We Broke Up A Toxic £65m Partnership

We started out as YouTube content creators making agenda-setting viral videos. As a creative agency, we’ve retained our devotion to crafting impactful content led campaigns. Harnessing the power of the idea, not just the size of the media budget.

How We Do It

We develop the creative ideas and engagement strategies in tandem, taking care of the whole process. This means our integrated team have a deep understanding of the creative and can turn this into a smart engagement plan. Plus, it means we are utterly invested in your success.

What We Believe

Taking calculated creative risks to produce campaigns that may make some people wince, but that your target audience will love.

Making adverts for the web – because if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere – including TV.

Moving fast and making things – being agile means we can strike while the zeitgeist is hot with a culturally relevant campaign that hits its target.

Does it Work?

We help both challenger brands and unsung heroes outperform their competitors.

And the results we’ve delivered speak for themselves. We’re also the most awarded agency of our size in the UK.

These people loved our work so much they had to say something:

“Don’t Panic have the most creative talents in the business. An impressive team who understand the audience and how to capture their attention especially in a digital and mobile media age. The team are flexible and committed to delivering a fantastic product for their client.”

Sofia Diarra, Save The Children

“Don’t Panic bought a complicated idea to the table and delivered strong results, an engaging guest experience and the team is always a pleasure to collaborate with bringing and energy and commitment to the wider stakeholder meetings.”

Simon Warrington, W Hotels

“BAFTA-Winning Artist-Revolutionaries”

Tabitha Jackson, Channel 4

“I love working with Don’t Panic - they’re at the cutting edge of creativity while being utterly lovely people to work with.”

Chrystyna Chymera-Holloway, the National Autistic Society