About us

We create content-led advertising campaigns, delivering every aspect ourselves – from the strategy to the branding and design, all the way through production to media. Don’t Panic is a joined up and agile agency, and we take total responsibility for your success.

We Make Content With Purpose

We use the power of edgier ideas to enable challengers to beat the big incumbent. We help you define your purpose, and then take calculated creative risks on your behalf to achieve all your brand’s goals.

Our Unique Evolution

Starting out

On its cover, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy proclaims just two words: ‘Don’t Panic’. Judged to be the single best piece of advice for humanity, it seemed like an apt name for a company that sought to inform the world on culture and current affairs in a new way – through the medium of the flyer pack. That’s how we started out, supplying analogue info on underground art, design and politics across the UK and half the globe. We used posters that were created in collaboration with Banksy, Shepard Fairey and the audience themselves.  

The Crash

Then in 2008-09, three pivotal events combined to determine our next move: the financial crash, the UK politicians’ expenses scandal, and the growing popularity of YouTube. We started making no-budget videos that satirised the banks and politicians for a young audience who weren’t reading broadsheets. These videos gained millions of organic views, generated reams of coverage and influenced the political agenda.


Our political purpose was channelled into the BBC, where we made three series of The Revolution Will Be Televised, which won the BAFTA for Best Comedy in 2013 and was nominated again in 2014.


Meanwhile, we codified and developed our method of making and distributing content that organically owns the internet and gets journalists writing about it.  An early viral for the English National Opera enabled the institution to sell out performances to an elusive, young audience.


Purpose is at the heart of what we do, so it’s fitting that the last stop on the journey through this evolution was our breakthrough campaign for Save The Children, where we successfully put the ongoing conflict in Syria back on the agenda. From here, we kicked on to become one of the country’s most awarded content agencies, launching our branding and design wing, Don’t Panic Partners, in 2014.


7 Cannes Lions
6 British Arrows
6 Clios
6 Creative Circles
7 Lovies

Our family

  • Don’t Panic London

    Renowned for producing agenda-setting, shareable campaigns that bring home the proverbial bacon, scooping awards at Cannes, D&AD and BAFTA no less. That’s a lot of bacon.

  • Don’t Panic Partners

    The design and branding prong of our mighty trident, it brings its unique projects to life using innovative creative that simply can’t be topped. Go on, we dare you to try and top it. See, it can’t be done.

  • Don’t Panic Online

    Our media outlet is the online place to be if you’re after content at the cultural forefront of all things musical, political and artistic. And if you’re not after that, then have a word with yourself.