Content creators who became an advertising agency

Stable Genius

Inspiration can come from anywhere! We liked this phrase because we think our creative is tinged with ‘genius’ and that our strategy and client service ensures ‘stable’ delivery. We often change our strapline in response to the world, so we can remove it if, heaven forbid, President Trump ever does anything embarrassing.

We started out making our famous packs and political posters in partnership with Banksy, Shepard Fairey and many other pioneering artists.

Don't Panic posters in collaboration with Banksy, Shepard Fairey and more

Then in 2008 the financial crash, UK politicians’ expenses scandal, and YouTube happened. We started making no budget videos that gained millions of organic views, generated reams of coverage and influenced the political agenda.

Then we made the BAFTA winning TV series The Revolution will be Televised (we also make original content for broadcasters).

Don't Panic CEO Joe Wade winning at the BAFTAS in 2013

Next we evolved into an advertising agency that quickly became famous for making the most shared cause related content ever. We helped put a forgotten war back on the agenda, raised vast sums in donations and immensely boosted an organisation’s profile (and profiles). Then we broke up a 40 year old, £60m partnership .

We are now working with more brands, to help them dominate the conversation and bring their purpose to life.

We have become the most awarded agency of our size in the UK.



The Don't Panic family is made up of a holy trinity of creative companies, who've all ascended to the very pinnacle of their fields. Amen to that.

Don't Panic London

Renowned for producing agenda-setting, shareable campaigns that bring home the proverbial bacon, scooping awards at Cannes, D&AD and BAFTA no less. That's a lot of bacon.

Don't Panic Partners

The design and branding prong of our mighty trident, it brings its unique projects to life using innovative creative that simply can't be topped. Go on, we dare you to try and top it. See, it can't be done.

Don't Panic Online

Our media outlet is the online place to be if you're after content at the cultural forefront of all things musical, political and artistic. And if you're not after that, then have a word with yourself.