16 Oct 2015

The DADI Awards – Chairman Award

We are very proud to say that we beat numerous agencies to be handed the Chairman award by the DADI awards last night.

The award was for our video for Greenpeace – “Everything is not awesome”. For those that didn’t see it; our video of LEGO figures drowning tragically in oil, set to a haunting, melancholy parody of The LEGO Movie theme tune, inspired so much public support that LEGO was forced to dump Shell as a marketing partner, ending their 50-year-long, £65m deal drowning the oil company’s marketing objectives in an irresistible tide of views, shares and press coverage.

Our video featured little easter eggs like Game of Thrones characters, Master Chief from Halo and of course, Hedwig.

The video played a vital role in stopping Shell from devastating the Arctic in it’s on-going hunt for oil. A huge step in the right direction to protecting our earth.