Think You Understand Me?

We didn’t flinch when it came to discrimination

Childline wanted us to show young people that they weren’t alone when it came to discrimination and racial bullying.

  • Challenge

    BAME young people didn’t necessarily see Childline as the place to find support when it came to discrimination and bullying, viewing it as out of touch with their interests.

  • Insight

    By reaching out to over 200 young people for their real stories and street-casting across the country, we could give the campaign the authenticity it required to appeal to its audience. A partnership with a very popular and relevant channel like SBTV would also lend legitimacy.

  • Solution

    We created a relatable and heartfelt campaign, skewering racial stereotypes and showing young people Childline was there for them. A very successful partnership with SBTV then led to numerous cases of children reaching out for support, citing this film specifically as the reason why.


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