The Oxford Interviews

We got children to ask the BIG questions

UBS needed to promote their exciting new content platform, Unlimited, in a way that thought outside the box, so they came to us.

  • Challenge

    UBS wanted to make sure they created buzz and enthusiasm for their new Unlimited platform, attracting a new audience in the process.

  • Insight

    Who sees the world without limits? Children, of course! For them, there’s no limit to the possibilities that could be, or the questions that could be asked.

  • Solution

    We encouraged limitless thinking by flipping the roles of teacher and pupil, and letting the children ask the big questions, thus engaging both existing and brand new audiences.


  • 2.47%
    engagement rate
  • Lewis Hamilton
    collaborated with us for second piece of content due to success
  • Connected with
    high net worth individuals across 12 targeted platfroms