The Most Shocking Second A Day - Don't Panic Online Marketing Campaign
Save the Children

Most Shocking Second a Day

We made the Syrian crisis hit home

  • Challenge

    Shift public perception from apathy and hostility, to sympathy and understanding.

  • Insight

    With an ocean between us and the Syrian crisis, it could be easily ignored and difficult for the UK public to relate to.

  • Solution

    Use the popular and relevant second-a-day format to engage parents and bring the refugee crisis home in a painfully familiar setting. The campaign struck an international chord, becoming the most successful charity film of all time.


  • 150m
  • 2.5m
  • 93%
    uplift in fundraising during the campaign

In the Press

What they said

A new commercial from Save the Children aims to remind people that the violence happening in Syria is very real.”


THIS shocking video imagines the nightmare a British child would experience if war hit our shores”