Global Witness

Bill Oddie’s BankWatch

We got Bill Oddie to flip HSBC the bird on deforestation

Global Witness came to us to help prevent HSBC’s bankrolling of deforestation.

  • Challenge

    HSBC had been bankrolling destructive logging companies for a long time, although awareness surrounding the issue was low

  • Insight

    Customers and shareholders were unaware of the issue, so what if we used a public figure and a well-known format to bring it to their attention?

  • Solution

    We asked the much loved Bill Oddie to parody Springwatch, as we publicised HSBC’s part in funding deforestation. This way, we successfully co-opted our audience to become our advocates.


  • HSBC pledged
    to stop lending to logging companies
  • Enabled media blitz
    across the BBC from Breakfast TV to Five Live
  • Non-for-Profit Award

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What they said

We think the film is very funny, but the message is no laughing matter. ”

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