21 Sep 2016

We may need a bigger shelf!

Not meaning to brag but we might…

After we and Factory nominated this film, we have won two Clio Awards for the sequel film we created for Save the Children Still the Most Shocking Second a Day. The film has won two bronze awards in the ‘Short form’ and ‘Sound Design’ categories.

Unfortunately, after the initial shock and boost of awareness regarding a crisis, people’s concern tends to tail off so we were excited to release a follow up video to keep this continuously important crisis fresh in everyone’s minds.The video has had an incredible reaction with over 16 million views and still counting; hopefully continuing to raise awareness and help people realise that this is still very much a current issue.

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 10.57.15

Along with this great news and not meaning to toot our own trumpet but we feel so chuffed to have recently also been nominated for a selection of other distinguished awards. This particular video along with our video for The National Autistic Society ‘Too Much Information’ have also been shortlisted for a LOVIE, DADI and a Shots Award. Surprisingly we are also finalists for an In-House Recruitment Award for our recruitment stunt to find a new creative director.

We really pride ourselves about how many amazing organisations and charities we have the privilege to work with, and love that we can focus on supporting such significant causes so it feels so good when we get results like this that show it’s not just us who love what we do. And while we’re on this shameful run of self promotion, why don’t you give us a vote..? Cheeky we know!