19 May 2017

Betrayal, Sex and Grime. No, it’s not this summer’s new blockbuster but our political pranks.

In a move to bring humour to British politics, last week we unleashed one of our own, Mr Heydon Prowse on some unsuspecting politicians.

No stranger to Pranks and Politicians, having starred in BAFTA award winning show ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’, so we feel he was perfect for the job.

Our targets were; Tim Farron, Michael Gove and Jeremy Corbyn.

In light of the controversy surrounding his views on LGBT relationships, first up was Tim Farron. His views on the LGBT have been continually questioned. We thought we’d put him through our own test.

Posing as Elton John’s husband, David Furnish, in an innuendo-laden phone discussion, David and Elton wanted to show their support to Tim Farron both emotionally and financially – offering to fill the ‘gaping hole’ in the Lib Dem’s finances, pretty nice of them wouldn’t you say… there was just one catch, Tim had to share his stance on LGBT relations, mainly regarding gay sex and if he thinks it’s a sin. Farron does agree that ‘staying in is better than pulling out… of Europe’.

Next, Michael Gove

We all remember what happened with Michael Gove and his best mate Boris Johnson last year right?

In short, Gove betrayed Boris to such an extent and at such a key time it made ‘The Red Wedding’ seem tame.

So we thought what better way to call Gove than as a casting agent from Game of Thrones.

We offer him a part in season 8 in a storyline of ‘betrayal, greed and ruthlessness’, and that Gove would be perfect for the role. Initially fooled, we thought we’d take it to another level detailing the character as, a pretender to the throne, who forms a pact with his best friend, then ruthlessly overthrows him and stabs him in the back to become king beyond the wall! He then hangs up, can’t blame us for trying.

Finally, Jeremy Corbyn

It’s known that Stormzy (hip-hop & grime sensation) is a fan of Jeremy Corbyn, but would Jeremy recognise him?

Posing as Stormzy, we gave Jeremy a call, to express our gratitude and support to him, we also wanted to help him reach a new audience! We asked Jeremy to don his MC hat and feature on a version of ‘Shut up’ as MC Jez Jez, with lyrics such ‘Tony Blair. SHUT UP!, Trump. SHUT UP!’.

These videos have been online for just over a week and…

Farron and Gove have been positive, how could they not be.

Tim Farron didn’t do himself any favours in the press, with multiple opportunities, and then when the public turned, so did his opinion… funny that.

During the call, his media training kicked in as he was quite disciplined trying to turn the barrage of questions into an in-person meeting.

Let’s face it, there is no grey area with what Michael Gove did! When we posted the video on Twitter he saw the funny side and gave it a like, fair play to him. Hopefully he’s not trying to buddy up to us… we all know the end to that story!

There was much debate around the Jeremy Corbyn prank!

Jeremy himself wasn’t much of a fan of his prank as a spokesperson said “Jeremy is grateful for Stormzy’s support and for the way he has spoken out on mental health, racism, poverty and homelessness. It’s unfortunate that Stormzy has been impersonated in this way.”

A lot of the public have seen the funny side to the video.

We also saw reactions that are hoping for this Stormzy+Corbyn collab to become a reality…we’d like to see that too.

Personally, with Jeremy’s connections – the support from Stormzy (both genuine and from us) and most recently the support from JME, is Jeremey secretly learning the craft before he breaks onto the scene?

I mean he has just been added to the Boy Better Know roster (according to Wikipedia).
Please MC Jez Jez, make our dreams a reality!


Naturally, when we created these videos, we knew that we’d get positive and negative comments, but we weren’t going to shy away from that.

And if you are waiting for an apology… our MD put it best, we are living in the ‘Age of Outrage’.

What do you think, did we go too far, or hit the nail on the head?