12 Jul 2017


In the lead up to the Tour De France, taking place in July last summer, we created spoof cycling jerseys to highlight the EPO doping scandal.

Referencing the lengths that racing teams have gone to, to satisfy the addictive urge to win, the jerseys feature a satirical emblem which shows a cyclist’s urge to win riding with a rocket-powered syringe on his back. It reads: “Enhance your performance with Don’t Panic. Cheat better.”

The performance enhancing drug, EPO, stimulates the production of red blood cells and haemoglobin, which instigates an increase in the oxygen transportation around the body, increasing an athlete’s respiration and endurance.

The bold stunt was created to showcase the benefit of the agency’s creative strategies and have been mailed to contacts around the world.

Our MD Joe Wade said

“To compete in the race to the top, brands need to create daring, creative campaigns that provoke conversations and response. This in turn will enhance performance and fulfil brands’ urge to reach 1st place.”

And the best news? They’re still available to buy! Email us @ hello@dontpaniconline.com