11 Jun 2014

YouTube Cannes 2014 Leaderboard

YouTube Leaderboard - Cannes Lions

In under a week, France will be holding one of the most important events in the marketing world – Cannes Lions – and journalists, marketers and amateurs love predicting the winners.

YouTube made this Cannes 2014 Ads Leaderboard including, at first place, the Kobe vs. Messi Selfie Shootout for Turkish Airlines. Similar success is expected for the Volvo Truck ad (in which Jean-Claude Van Damme made his famous split). But at ninth place you’ll find our video for Save the Children. (Hoorah!)

This YouTube Leaderboard was also featured in Forbes magazine this month as they discussed the death of the 30-second ad. This year an average winning video will be about 1.5 minutes long, and whats more – they are about real life.

Check out the article and what Forbes had to say on our Most Shocking Second a Day Video here.