21 Jan 2014

World’s Largest Solar Bridge Makes Britain’s Biggest Brew

In a huge upgrade of Blackfriars Station, Network Rail was expanding into Blackfriars Bridge, built across the Thames in 1886. They planned on adding a roof and making it more sustainable, which is where Solarcentury, one of the world’s leading solar energy providers came in.

Solarcentury installed over 4,400 photovoltaic panels on the bridge’s new roof, providing half of the station’s energy, reducing its CO2 emissions by 511 tonnes a year and making it the world’s largest solar-powered bridge.

Stunt - Blackfriars biggest brew

To bring this to the commuters of London’s attention, we are working with Solarcentury, Network Rail and First Capital Connect by handing out 2,000 free cups of tea from Britain’s largest tea mug measuring 3.1m tall – these 2,000 cups of tea represent the 80,000 cups of tea that could be brewed from the amount of energy produced by the panels on a daily basis.

Note: The tea hand-out is over now so look out for the upcoming video and tweet all photos with #SolarBrew!

Stunt - Blackfriars biggest brew event