21 Apr 2017

Whizz Kid? Try This Test

Fancy yourself as a bit of a whizz kid do you? Reckon you’re the guy everyone wants on their pub quiz team? Alright then bigshot, let’s see how you fare on the ultimate brain test.

Yes, we’ve teamed up with National Autistic Society again with our new Take a Minute film designed to show the public how hard it can be for people with autism to process information.

As much as 80% of the public say they would change their behaviour if they knew autistic people needed extra time to process information. As a follow on from our “Make it Stop” film, we wanted to hammer home this message.

And none of this could have been done, of course without the star of the show Alistair Griggs, our senior copywriter, who I hear has already had calls from Nolan, Tarantino and Spielberg! But apparently he’s turning down a life of fame, glamour and super yachts and is carrying on the good work here at Don’t Panic instead, wise move Ali.

Give the film a watch here, take the ultimate test and then have a look here to find out more about how you can help.

So was it 10/10 full marks, or does it feel like your brain is at the Play-Doh factory going through one of those spaghetti Play-Doh makers? Yes, we thought so. And this is unfortunately how autistic people can feel on a daily basis. So, watch our film, share it and be the change that will make the daily life of an autistic person much easier.