12 May 2015

What happens next?

No child under 5 should expect to die, yet shockingly 17,000 children die daily from preventable causes. Don’t Panic created the short film ‘What happens next?’ for World Vision, as part of their Global Week of Action and to inspire people to #Stopatnothing in taking this number to zero.

The short film highlights how the lifespans of children all over the world are severely limited as a consequence of dirty water, malnutrition, disease and illnesses such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria. Filmed in a single swooping shot, ‘What happens next?’ takes visual inspiration from the style of classic Caravaggio paintings, creating an eerie yet hopeful dynamic set to an original commissioned score inspired by the context of the film.

As the film title suggests, the future is uncertain. 2015 represents a hugely important year for international development with the unveiling of the new Rio+20 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the end of the year. We’d love for you to share it via your website or social media channels to help give those children a voice in those discussions and give them a future.

Check out the video on Don’t Panic’s Facebook page here.