04 May 2017

We’ve been at it again

Our “Still The Most Shocking Second A Day Film” for Save the Children has done it yet again. So the champagne has been flowing, as we welcome yet more additions to our trophy shelf. Well, really we’ve been heads down, noses to the grindstone with some exciting new work coming up for you all. But the metaphorical cork was certainly popped.

Yes, the guys down at D&AD have awarded us with 4 more giant pencils to add to our collection. We took home 2 graphite and 2 Wooden pencils and even if we do say so ourselves, we think that’s pretty good going for one film! 2016 was a huge year for us on the awards front, so here’s to hoping 2017 is just as fruitful.

If your awards shelf is looking a bit empty, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re pretty good at making award winning work. Alternatively, we might soon have to start flogging off some of our old one’s due to a lack of space… 

Anyway, here is the list of awards: 

Graphite Pencil / Film Advertising Crafts / Sound Design for Film Advertising / 2017

Graphite Pencil / Film Advertising Crafts / Editing for Film Advertising / 2017

Wood Pencil / Film Advertising Crafts / Direction for Film Advertising / 2017

Wood Pencil / Film Advertising Crafts / Cinematography for Film Advertising / 2017

And here’s the film that has been getting all the attention. If you’ve been living in the forest with no Internet for the past year then you may have missed it. So give it a watch: