20 Mar 2018

Think You Understand Me?

We teamed up with Caviar and Childline to produce the film to debunk stereotypes and challenge discrimination.

The film ‘Think You Understand Me?’ highlights the issues that surround ethnicity and culture, including racist bullying. The film follows a number of young people in a range of situations that challenge stereotypes and discrimination. We illustrated personal experiences by talking to over 200 young people to help depict real stories which many young people experience.

We wanted to shed light on the negative experiences that many young people face when the issue of discrimination is at hand. The approach to the campaign is centered around authenticity and inclusivity, as the actors were street cast from all areas of the UK to highlight diversity and to ensure communities beyond London were not ignored.

Our MD Joe Wade says: “The film has a great vision, which is informed by the talented group of young people that we were able to work with. They led the creative by facilitating us with real experiences, that better enabled us to understand the discrimination they face.”

Today is the launch of Childline’s new campaign, the release sheds light on the high level of discrimination alongside an empowering and thought provoking film, illustrating the various types of prejudice that young people experience.  We wanted to demonstrate that young people are not alone in their experiences, and despite the discrimination there is always someone to talk to at Childline.

Any child worried about bullying can call Childline on 0800 11 11. Any adult who is concerned about a child can call the NSPCC Helpline on 0808 800 5000.

Special thanks to our Production company Caviar, Marshal Street Editors, ETC, Wave Studios and Aria Shahrokhshahi.

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