10 Nov 2015

‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’ for the Rose D’Or.

We are extremely pleased to announce that are highly acclaimed creative team behind have been nominated for the prestigious Rose D’Or. The awards just keep on coming and we are more then happy for that to be the case. Could this be another trophy to add to our already tightly packed shelves? We shall find out.

For those familiar with Don’t Panic as an agency, you will know we are different from the others, despite that being the line every agency uses. We really can say that because we really are different from the herd. What makes us different is our Bafta award winning creative team, who brought you the show ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’. Those that don’t know about the series; it aims to bring corruption, greed and hypocrisy to the fore. Now that same team is up for a Rose D’Or. As the awards states, it symbolizes the pinnacle in success for Entertainment Programming and our little team here at Don’t Panic are competing with the best of them.

If you’ve been hiding under a metaphorical rock recently and haven’t seen any of the show, here’s a little taster:

As an agency we use this awarded creative skill set in our approach to all the work we create. Our Bafta award-winning writers are behind the creative force that drives our work because of this we can create content that can be emotionally engaging on multiple levels that few agencies can compete with.