Tech I Can’t Live Without

In an age where we depend on technology for absolutely everything, it’s difficult for everyone – especially professionals – to remember what life before WIFI was like. With the impending release of the new iPhone X, and all its new, fancy (and quite frankly, unnecessary) features we tend to forget that sometimes, simplicity is key… so we made a film with online print business Moo to highlight exactly that.

In ‘Tech I Can’t Live Without’, four entrepreneurs from top companies such as Weebly and The Dots are asked which piece of technology they couldn’t live without, and they begin with the obvious like phones and tablets – before surprising us with their most important tech product – their business card. They go on to show us just how fantastic and competent business cards are – ‘paper thin’ and wireless – before disappointingly noting the lack of headphone jacks; hilariously reminiscent of Apple Special Events.

For a while now, tech culture has been focused on brands attempting to outdo each other by releasing new products every five minutes, full of new features no one asked for, for an extortionate amount of money. We’ve got phones using facial recognition to unlock them, cameras that take two images at once (why?), yet, nothing has been able to outlast a good old Nokia 3310….or, funnily enough, a well-designed business card.

The tongue in cheek video pokes fun at our tech-dependent society, with the end of the clip reminding us that ‘some things don’t need reinventing’, and we definitely agree.

The film was launched in line with the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, which started on the 18th September.

Have a watch (and a chuckle) here:

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