02 Nov 2016

Taking online dating into the real world

Brits spend on average a measly 1 minute and 45 seconds connecting with potential life partners while online dating and in that time will likely be bombarded with crude one-liners or lewd photos.

So, for the good of the Tinder universe we did what had to be done and sent a guy onto the streets (wearing a human Tinder outfit!) to expose just how bizarre online dating tropes can be when applied to complete strangers…in real life.

Whilst Tinder sure has made looking for love convenient, but no-one’s exactly rushing to show their mum their profile. I mean, you wouldn’t use an aubergine emoji in real life; but what if you did? Watch The Revolution Will Be Televised’s Jolyon Rubinstein find out here:

The content grabbed the attention of several national titles such as The Sun and MailOnline, reaching a potential of over 306M monthly uniques. The film was also picked up by The Hook and UniLad, picking up over 2M views.

True View is a secure new dating app, free from doctored images and fake accounts, which utilises hi-tech security measures as used by Easyjet and AirBnB.