05 Oct 2015

Stephen Hawking wants our help.

Global Goals, the charity organisation, has 17 tasks it has set its sights on.

In order to raise awareness we teamed up with Stephen Hawking and his team to create personalised messages for known celebrities, journalist, politicians etc. These messages were sent out via twitter as a way to engage with the wide audience who use the social platform daily. The idea is that the message Global Goals wants to spread will extend beyond just the twitter-sphere and appear across other channels and more importantly in the social consciousness of everyone around the world.

Who wouldn’t want a personalised message from the cleverest man on earth? Furthermore who is going to ignore a message from the man stating that we need to take action to help save our planet and achieve these goals?

The 17 Global Goals are designed in order to “achieve 3 extraordinary things. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality and injustice. Fix climate change”.

In order for these goals to be accomplished, Stephen Hawking rightly states “we need everyone to tell everyone” and that is where the videos came in.

If you haven’t seen the video please watch below and get sharing!