08 Feb 2016

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

This month we made a film for BPAS, The British Pregnancy advisory service. With our help they are making strides towards overturning the ‘Offences Against the Person Act 1861’. This law prevents women in Britain from independently making the decision to terminate a pregnancy. Abortion is still illegal in the UK unless two doctors decide that the women’s physical and mental health is at risk. “Does a more outdated, patriarchal law exist in Britain today than this? Why can’t we trust a women to make decisions about her own body?” the film asks. We hope that this film alongside the great work that BPAS has done can further positive change for women’s rights.

Watch the video here:

Join Gemma Chan and the We Trust Women campaign to overturn this out-dated, patriarchal law –www.wetrustwomen.org.uk