18 Feb 2016

Stained glass windows: Peering in on the churches agenda

With the number of people attending church ever dwindling how does the church stop this downward spiral?  Well apparently a series of Youtube videos…

The new approach from the Church of England is the result of a failed attempt to show a short film, The Lord’s Prayer, before the new Star Wars movie. Unfortunately for them the 3 major Cinema chains declined the offer.

Psalm 22 is their new approach. It’s a series of films for YouTube, featuring former homeless people and ex-drug addicts, whose faith has helped them turn their lives around. It’s regarded as an ambitious move, but will it work?

Facebook now generates 8 billion views a day, and is widely regarded as the superior video distribution platform to Youtube. So despite their presence on all forms of social media, are they missing a trick?

In a recent interview Joe Wade, our MD, shared his opinion. “If they want to reach people beyond those visiting their own online platforms already, they need to reach out – by taking their content into different online communities”. Joe goes on to say, “it’s important to actively build into your content elements that appeal to different groups. For example humor, this will encourage them to share.”

However the most important way to stand out online is to be bold. So my final question to you is, are they being bold enough?

I’ll let you decide…