01 Dec 2016

Is Snapchat’s Story nearly over?

It’s been a little while now since Instagram launched it’s shameless copycat feature Instagram Stories as a rival to Snapchat. While it caught all of our attention, admittedly because of the sheer cheek of it, the dust has now settled and the memes have died down. Now we’re asking who really has more people gathered round for storytime?

Instagram definitely and for now definitively has the numbers and therefore, the potential to outdo Snapchat. At last count Instagram were smugly sitting on 500 million monthly users which dwarfs Snapchat’s 30 million. Add to that Instagram’s much broader scope of age demographic that interact with the app daily, it provides brands with a far bigger playing field.

However, Snapchat has Instagram Stories beat for the simple fact that it’s been going at it for longer. It’s ability to offer it’s users varied geofilters and rainbow vomit are just some features that Instagram Stories hasn’t yet managed to replicate.

So looking at purely the numbers it should be no problem for Instagram to render Snapchat obsolete, right? But what could prove to be a problem is that up until now it’s been seen as the place to display only the most pristine, polished to perfection parts of your life. Snapchat has been and continues to be the home of the cheeky and quirky, and right now the average user of Instagram simply isn’t able to combine the two.

The challenge for Instagram will be whether they can get their users to view them as more than a place for only carefully curated moments. So, for now at least we think Snapchat still has the edge. One thing’s for certain though, no matter who wins in this new age Social Media war the added competition is definitely not going to hurt as it’s already pushing them to go harder and faster.

…Or just flat out copy each other.