12 May 2014

Random Acts: Dog Whisperer

Random Acts - Dog Whisperer

If you’re not familiar, Random Acts is a daily arts strand on Channel 4 which aires late at night, consisting of three-minute long films chosen for their creativity – enabling a diverse selection of established artists and emerging talent to create their own television art.

We’ve made a bunch in the past and were commissioned, yet again, to make a couple more featuring comedians KG & Marston.

Check out the first of the two below, where Dog Whisperer Johnny Shybite and his agent Philip roam the streets of London looking to help work out the problems between dogs and their owners. From homophobia to racism, South London to West London – Johnny can work out any conflict between canine and human.

Our second of the two, Street Magician will be airing Thursday 15th at 12.55am after 24 Hours in A&E.

You can check out our previous Random Acts here on our YouTube channel.