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Our viral Too Much Information campaign film was watched 56 million times worldwide. But now we want to see your experience brought to life on the big screen.

As part of the UK’s largest autism understanding campaign, Too Much information, we’re inviting aspiring, student and professional film-makers to help give the public a greater understanding autism, the person and what to do.

For decades, autism has been misrepresented and stereotyped in TV, film and media – or simply cut out altogether. That’s why we are launching Autism Uncut, because when something is missing, the entire picture changes..

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Our film showed just one experience of autism. So we’re inviting aspiring filmmakers, film students and professional filmmakers to create original four minute films to shed light on the real world of autism – uncensored and uncut – to help more people understand autism, the person and what to do. Your film can be about anything to do with the world of autism, from how you view autism, to what autism means to you.

The awards will have both a film award and a media award. With regards to the film awards, you can enter a film into one of three categories. Aspiring filmmakers who are not students or professional filmmakers; student filmmakers who are attending a full or part-time course; or professional filmmakers whose paid occupation involves making films (directing, producing, or anything else)

For the media awards; we want to hear about journalism, TV, plays and other media that improved autism understanding in 2016. If you read a great article or watched an outstanding TV programme about autism, why not nominate them for an award?

The winners will be revealed at the Autism Uncut Film & Media Awards Ceremony, held at BAFTA next year. The awards will be judged by a range of very familiar faces from from film and TV who will ensure the awards will have a high profile and the winning work gets the recognition it deserves.

The deadline for nominations is 1 December 2016.

If you have any questions about the awards, you can email Autism.Uncut@nas.org.uk.

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