• The Revolution Will Be Televised

    BAFTA winning comedy for BBC3


It was 2012 and the country was still on a brutal comedown from the heady high of Cleggmania. Suffice it to say, politics was a little blander back then and young people were in the grips of a deep apathy. We were determined to engage them politically in a way that hadn’t been done before.


How to make politics interesting to a BBC3 audience that was more interested in Lee Nelson than Nelson Mandela.

Balls to the wall satire that stuck it to the man.


We created a TV sensation that made satire feel relevant and exciting again to a whole new generation. It brought home a sweet, sweet Bafta and received another nomination again the following year.

1. TV BAFTA winner Best Comedy in 2012

2. TV BAFTA nominated Best Comedy in 2013

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