The TV show that became a global viral sensation

  • Challenge

    Having already conquered the climes of BBC3, “Revolting” aimed to bring satire to a different, slightly older generation of BBC2 viewers. But could satire still thrive in a mad new world, where the President’s a thatched satsuma whose catchphrases are “You’re fired” and “Grab her by the p*ssy”?

  • Insight

    The show had to frame satire in a way that felt even more current and also had the capacity to have its own life online, with every sketch having the potential to become a viral sensation.

  • Solution

    We ensured this evolution of “Revolution” broke new ground, using scripted sketches to set ‘em up, before the hell-raising real world stunts knocked ‘em down. This worked to perfection, creating a more well-rounded TV phenomenon that never failed to get into the news itself.


  • Global phenomenon
    The Real Housewives of ISIS spreads around the world
  • 200m+
    overall viral reach
  • Highest rated comedy
    on BBC2

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