• Revolting

    The TV Show That Became a Global Sensation


Having already conquered the climes of BBC3, “Revolting” aimed to bring satire to a different, slightly older generation of BBC2 viewers. It had to frame satire in a way that felt even more current and also had the capacity to have its own life online, with every sketch having the potential to become a viral sensation.


Could satire still thrive in a mad new world, where the President’s a thatched satsuma whose catchphrases are “You’re fired” and “Grab her by the p*ssy”?

Intelligent comedy with heart and soul


We ensured this evolution of “Revolution” broke new ground, using scripted sketches to set ‘em up, before the hell-raising real world stunts knocked ‘em down. This worked to perfection, creating a more well-rounded TV phenomenon that never failed to get into the news itself.


1. Nine clips from the shows became news stories

2. The Real Housewives of ISIS became the BBC's most shared clip of all time

3. The show was BBC 2's highest rated comedy of the year

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