Force-feeding Mos Def - Don't Panic London campaign for Repreive

Force-Feeding Mos Def

We made the film that stunned the world

Reprieve came to us to raise awareness around force-feeding at Guantanamo Bay, and do this in a way that would demand the world’s attention.

  • Challenge

    Where was the uproar over force-feeding? The cruel practices carried out at Guantanamo Bay were flying well under the public radar and we had to bring them to light.

  • Insight

    A social issue can become relevant overnight, if the story is told by someone who is popular and globally recognised.

  • Solution

    We force-fed the hugely successful hip-hop artist Mos Def, bringing the atrocities still present in Guantanamo Bay home to millions with a global influencer as the face of the campaign.


  • 500m+
    global reach
  • Reminded & outraged
    the world about Guantanamo Bay

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