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A campaign to change perception of autism forever

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More than 99% of people have heard of autism, but very few actually understand it. The National Autistic Society wanted to raise awareness, challenge public attitudes and change behaviour. We created “Too Much Information” a 360 multi channel campaign to do just that.

Launching with ‘Can you make it to the end?’ an emotionally powerful video which showed, through the eyes of an autistic child, what it’s like to deal with sensory overload.

The film earned headlines and coverage everywhere from the Daily Mail and Unilad to Mumsnet – even meriting a mention at Prime Minister’s Question Time. Most importantly, though, we achieved 50% of NAS’s yearly sign-up target in just 10 days. The film was so well received a TV ad and a cinematic cut was played across the UK in Empire and Odeon cinemas without a penny of media spend.

Partnering with The Guardian, we reached a huge audience. The TMI Guardian hub received so much traffic that it earned its way onto The Guardian’s homepage, the first paid-for content ever to do so.

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Client National Autistic Society
Launch film views 56M+
Launch film shares 1M+
Growth of Awareness of NAS 26%
Behavioural change (NFP) 16%
Headlines 80+ Articles, The Guardian (Front Page x2), Daily Mail, Unilad, Mumsnet
Coverage BBC TV & Radio 6, Discussed in Prime Minister's Question Time
Petition Signatures in first week 25K+

The campaign continued with a virtual reality version of the hero film.

This launched online to much acclaim but is also travelling around the country as a VR experience in shopping centers, party conferences, and specialist events – allowing an even wider audience to walk in the shoes of an autistic person.

The 360 film has been built into an app available on Apple and Android. It’s being used in a pack for schools, with lesson plans and materials. It has been hailed as a first and one of the most accurate and insightful portrayals of autism by the general public and the autism community alike.

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In our policy ask for the campaign, we wanted to address the overlooked area of autism and employment.

Too little autistic people are in the workplace; only 16% of autistic adults are in full time employment. This needs to change.

Hero’d by a video piece called ‘Can you stand the rejection?’, the film puts the viewer in the shoes of Steven, an autistic graphic designer, as he attends a series of job interviews. Despite his excellent credentials, in each interview he encounters judgment, misunderstanding and ultimately rejection.

Promoted using our existing campaign partnership with The Guardian as well as on BBC Breakfast, the video initially drew people’s attention people to a major petition calling for a Parliamentary ask to close the autism employment gap and get more autistic people into work. The petition was the most successful ever completed by the NAS at over 25,000 in the first few days.

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