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Still The Most Shocking Second A Day

The sequel that brought the conversation back to life

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Two years on from our phenomenal success with The Most Shocking Second a Day. The refugee story told in the first film had been overtaken by even more shocking real-world events. Save The Children needed to keep pace with the narrative, and asked us to create an unprecedented sequel to the most successful charity video ever made.

Launched with a comprehensive PR, media and seeding strategy the film inspired headlines and studio news reports across the world, quickly accumulating in excess of 15M views across multiple platforms. Picking up a year or so after the first film left off, the sequel follows Lily as she is driven by violence from her new home in a camp for internally displaced refugees, crosses the channel in a dangerously unsafe boat and fights to survive in a hostile Europe.


Still the Most Shocking has also brought in the precious metal; so far having won the following awards:

  • Clio Awards x2
  • British Arrow Craft Awards x5
  • Shots Awards x3
  • LIA Awards x2
  • LOVIE Award
  • Epica Award
  • Ciclope Award
  • Art of Creativity Award


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Client Save the Children
Total views 18.4M+
Total shares 167K+
Engagement rate 4.24%
Social Growth Record amount of likes to Facebook for one day. Twitter following doubled.
Website Traffic Increased 62% in the first week.
Return on Investment During the first week, Paypal donations increased by 143% and regular giving revenue increased by 25%
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