Tinder in Real Life

The film that said goodbye to the d**k pics

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We’d all had enough of the crap icebreakers and the aubergine emojis. To show how odd and crude online dating can be, we took Tinder directly to the streets of London to see how these so-called ‘chat-up lines’ fared in real life. TrueView wanted to demonstrate how gamified this process has become, and how it’s not a good foundation for real offline relationships. How well do you really know someone you meet online?

Launched with a comprehensive research survey into UK online dating behaviour, the content grabbed the attention of several national titles such as The Sun and MailOnline, reaching a potential of over 306 million monthly uniques. The film was picked up by The Hook and UniLad, picking up over 2 million views and reaching millions more.

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Client Trueview
Views 2M+
Engagement Rate 2%
Engagements 25K+
Potential Reach 306M+
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