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Helping the non-superhero spinoff land with a bang

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To help publicise the launch of the new Marvel series on Channel 4, we strategically placed a small number of specially designed Police incident boards around London and Manchester, asking those with any information on the crime to dial the number. They drove significant Twitter chatter, news headlines and thousands of calls to our ‘incident room’.

Calls to the listed number were answered by a voice-message thanking them for their call, informing them that the investigation had been closed, and to watch a video of the incident that Friday at 8pm. The campaign was a great success, sparking chatter across just the right comics and TV blogs, including a nice double-Tweet from Stephen Fry himself.


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Client Channel 4
Intrigued phone calls 2.2K+
Featured in The Independent, The Daily Star, Buzzfeed, msn entertainment,
Mentioned by Stephen Fry, Rick Edwards
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