11 Apr 2016

Old vs New: Who will come out on top?

Living in the age of the digital revolution, we are all aware of the constant changes in trends, technology and social platforms. These new changes must pose some sort of threat to the old methods of T.V, print and radio, right?

According to Scott McCorkle, the CEO of Marketing Cloud, we don’t need to be threatened by these new methods. Mobile communication, new social media platforms, online stores, digital marketing and adblockers all, at one time or another, were perceived to replace their pre existing counterparts. Scott argues that it’s not always the case of survival of the fittest, but a balance between old and new. ‘The next big thing’ will always a threat but it doesn’t necessarily replace the existing platform.

The online store, for example, was a major threat to physical stores. It may have decreased some in store business, but if the traffic near shops on a Saturday morning is anything to go by then the effect seems to have been minimal. Shop owners are still in safe hands, the internet and online stores have been around for a good decade now and I don’t think we’re any closer to closing down oxford street. One of the reasons why people are still going shopping in stores might be because of the sea of online advertisements…

Look at print. Yes, it’s safe to say it’s not what it was 25 years ago, but it’s not completely dead either! Although news publications, magazines, advertising and even books have updated to the digital age, their print counterparts are still used and considered to be a crucial element to these industries. I don’t think they’re in any direct threat of becoming extinct. If we look into the growing trend of zines, originating around the riot girl movement. Self made, self published, magazines or fanzines, made by a photocopier. Although they are often accompanied by a website or large social media presence, these are still proof that print is not dead!

Then we get into the argument of mobile vs email. Everyone and their grandmother uses texting and whatsapp to communicate so I think it’s safe to say email isn’t the frontrunner for social communication. Even though it’s not the most used channel of communication with the majority of people, email’s still not dead. In fact it is still the most widely used channel of communication in offices and I doubt that will come to an end anytime soon…

As far as Don’t Panic is concerned, we believe the future is new media, but it’s important to keep to our roots. Although there is a common belief that the new media is wiping out it’s predecessors we still think it has a long life ahead. print-and-digital-books