16 Jan 2017

New Year No Methbots

Our MD Joe Wade was asked to right the advertising world’s wrongs last week, by letting the readers of City AM know exactly what needs to be left behind in 2016. As it turns out it’s not the Kardashians or the minute by minute reports on the demise of the US.  But instead it’s our unhealthy addiction to digital advertising.

Of course, he did a bang up job, in our humble and unbiased opinion. In the article he calls for brands to stop purchasing digital advertising based only on how many views are promised. As continuing in this fashion will lead to another Methbots scandal.  Where the only thing achieved will be that brands haemorrhage money.

He proposes that we rethink the value placed on views and focus instead on creating content that truly engages people. How, you ask? By ‘adding in hooks to the creative that will appeal to different audiences as well as knowing what is going to trend and making it work on the day.’

So, we need to move away from aiming only for high views and focus on achieving high engagement rates by ‘investing in content that people actually give a damn about.’

Make sure to read the article in full