17 Feb 2017

Mrs May’s Trump Card

It was Valentine’s day this week, a day of widespread love and more than likely wider spread bitterness. So naturally we saw this as a chance to troll the unsuspecting and arguably incompetent people at Number 10.

We delivered a giant, over the top, Valentine’s Day card from President Trump to Prime Minister Theresa May in order to properly celebrate the recently reinstated and infamous ‘special relationship’ between one Great Declining Nation and another on the Brink of Self Destruction.


After a phone call carefully orchestrated on our end from the Oval office but remarkably made on a UK number. We were able to speak with a particularly helpful aide who okayed the delivery “we’ll send over a lovely card with a picture of Mr Trump grabbing Theresa May’s p***y, I mean hand, sorry ,(aide laughs says Oh God) – I meant hand obviously, sorry that was a slip of the tongue.”

We arranged for Mrs May to receive the personalised card that depicted exactly how special the pair are, along with her favourite bunch of flowers (because we’re not heartless). Hydrangeas- in case anyone wanted to know.


So far the stunt has been covered by The Sun, The Telegraph, Metro and RT.