Martin Sorrell sends Mark Zuckerberg a wave in attempt to land job at Facebook

Martin Sorrell has shocked the advertising world by issuing a come-and-get-me plea to Facebook. With WPP profits plummeting and his latest bonus coming in at a measly £40 mill, it’s becoming difficult for Martin to face his books.


Sorrell stated: “All my half decent colleagues at WPP have gone to work there and I feel like I’ve been left behind.” He candidly admitted that recent issues at WPP have been a factor: “I know what they say about a Captain going down with the ship but to be honest I’d rather join the rats leaving it. I mean if you can’t beat them…”

Having recently acquired a head hunting company specifically to find him a role at the Silicon Valley giant Sorrell is serious about his next career move and he’s not just motivated by problems at WPP, explaining: “It all sounds very attractive, you get free lunches, there’s a dry cleaning allowance and the clients actually want to work with you.”


A spokesperson for Facebook stated that Sorrell’s experience was attractive but he’d have to go through the 23 stage interview process like everyone else.

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