24 Jan 2015

‘Lovie Letters’ Traces Most Shocking Second a Day Journey

After a successful haul for Don’t Panic at this year’s Lovie Awards, ‘Lovie Letters’ has gone on and produced a lovely interview with the minds behind our acclaimed Most Shocking Second a Day video.

Lovie Letters Traces Jounrey to Produce Most Shocking Second a Day feature image

Lovie Letters is a collection of “unique, behind the scenes stories that puts you in the heads of the people responsible for Europe’s best and most challenging digital thinking.” Most Shocking Second a Day is one of a select group of projects covered.

Don’t Panic’s Creative Director Richard Beer and Unit9 Film Director Martin Stirling are interviewed about the journey to making this video what it is and the ups and downs along the way. Highlights include Natasha Kaplinsky’s reaction after seeing an early cut…

You can catch all of the action on the Lovie Letters Most Shocking Second a Day project page.

And here’s the video they made: