Lock up Shepard Fairey and defend our mundane cities!

They’re after him again…

Iconic street artist Shepard Fairey was briefly taken into custody after landing at LAX last Monday, following a warrant for his arrest from the Detroit Police department earlier this month. The charges are for two felony counts of “malicious destruction of property“. It’s not the first time that Fairey has attracted attention from the authorities, having been arrested 15 times before. Fairey is expected to hand himself in today.Advertising-Agency-London-Shepard-Fairey

Don’t Panic has a rich history with street media and it remains an integral part of what we do as an agency. Indeed, we count good relations with many of it’s prominent artists including Fairey, whom we have worked with in the past. Over the past 20 years street media has become a seminal tool for creative expression and political activism in recent years has increasingly attracted brands to use public spaces to advertise their content.


Above is some of our large street art work for Absolute Vodka’s Blank campaign.

The rhetoric of the charges brought against Fairey certainty raise interesting questions about exactly what is so “destructive” about his work.


Fairey, like so many other street artists, works in run down spaces that long for renewal. His art brings a vibrancy and life to the street and helps reshape the feeling of those places.


There is a strange irony in a city bringing charges against an artist who has been commissioned to do so much work in the area, including his recent and stunning 180ft by 60ft mural that brilliantly colours the stark cityscape.


We wish Shepard all the best and hope that he can continue to add colour to the many bland and mundane city spaces around the world that are in need of resurrection.


His other work includes….

Fairey’s Hope and Obey works are known by millions around the world and continue to inspire many to get more involved in art and politics. 


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