08 Nov 2017

Let’s Even it Up

We’ve  teamed up with Oxfam and their campaign ‘Even It Up’, and created a film to highlight the direct link between tax, inequality and poverty, showing the human impact on the world’s poorest countries.  

The film focuses on the relationship between tax and public services, illustrating the impact tax avoidance has on vital resources such as hospitals and schools. The film shows ‘The Removers’, a group of masked individuals, that embody the impact of tax avoidance on real people and convey the damage it brings to helpless citizens lives. The Removers abruptly walk through a hospital, removing crucial health care equipment, medication and technology, subsequently putting innocent lives at risk. The final scenes focus on a baby in an incubator, with it’s mother overlooking, visibly upset by the situation her baby is in. The Removers walk into the room, and turn off the incubator, leaving the mother and baby vulnerable and in distress.    

In some of the  poor countries companies dodge approximately £78bn in tax annually. Today, Oxfam reveals that just a third of this is enough to cover the bill for essential healthcare that could prevent the needless deaths of eight million mothers, babies and children. The lack of transparency in taxation allows large multi-national companies to avoid paying their fair share, and this hits the world’s poorest, the hardest. Developing countries are losing out on vital tax revenue that could be spent on essential services like health, education and sanitation.

Matthew Spencer, Oxfam’s Campaigns Director, said: “Tax dodgers may not be literally stealing medicines from the pockets of the poorest but they are depriving poor countries of billions that could be invested in healthcare. It’s wrong that so many of the world’s poorest people are missing out on basic medical treatment that could save their lives and give them a chance of escaping poverty and hardship.”

Demand Governments to act now, and stop tax evasion, sign the petition and make a change.

Special thanks to our production companies Stink Films, MPC and Whitehouse.