07 Nov 2016

Another week, another win

We’ve done it again!

Our week is off to a flying start here at Don’t Panic with some true #MondayMotivation news that ‘Still the Most Shocking a Day’ picked up 3 LIA Awards. Our video with Save the Children snagged a full set, securing Gold, Silver and Bronze awards!

Here’s the details; Bronze for Music & Sound: Sound Design; Silver for Digital: Public Service/Social Welfare; and GOLD for Production & Post Production: Editing. (cue polite applause)

(Update) ‘Still the Most Shocking’ continues to bring home the hardware, bagging a win at Shots Award for “Commercial of the Year- Online, Up to Two Minutes” whilst ‘Can you make it to the end?’ picked up a Silver Award for Best Use of Sound Design.

We also have a serious collection of nominations sitting in our back pocket. Standing our ground on some pretty fierce league tables we’ve bagged ourselves a brag-worthy 8 nominations for the upcoming British Arrows Craft Awards.


Judging by the company on the above league table it looks like Don’t Panic are proving that bigger isn’t always better. While big agencies might have the capacity to enter as many awards as they possibly can…it doesn’t mean the work is any good. Smaller, more agile agencies are often more capable as we can provide our clients with fewer layers, better communication and work that really means something to us. Also not naming names of anyone on the above league tables (hmmm) but we don’t waste time or money playing fussball, installing a ball pit or having a receptionist sat behind a drumkit (yeah apparently that’s a thing!

*Update: We smashed it out of the park at the British Arrows, taking home 5 awards. We secured 3 Gold Arrows for Editing, Sound Design and Performance from an Actress, as well as 2 Silver Arrows for Director and Achievement in Production. You can see our full list of the awards we won in 2016.

2016 Roundup:

‘Can you make it to the end?’ – The National Autistic Society

DADI Awards

  • Too Much Information’ in the category of ‘Not-For-Profit Website, App or Campaign’.

LOVIE Awards

  • SILVER- Virtual Reality Branded
  • SILVER- Viral Video

Shots Awards:

  • Best Use of Sound Design

‘Still the Most Shocking Second a Day’- Save the Children

Clio Awards

  • BRONZE- Short Form Video
  • BRONZE- Sound Design

LOVIE Awards

  • GOLD – Viral Advertising

LIA Awards

  • BRONZE –  Music & Sound: Sound Design
  • SILVER – Digital: Public Service/Social Welfare
  • GOLD –  Production & Post Production: Editing

Shots Awards:

  • GOLD – Commercial of the Year – Online, Up to Two Minutes
  • SILVER – Charity campaign of the year
  • BRONZE – Best use of sound design in a commercial

British Arrow Craft Awards:

  • GOLD – Editing
  • GOLD – Sound Design
  • GOLD – Performance from and actress
  • SILVER – Director
  • SILVER – Achievement in production

Epica Awards:

  • SILVER – Best sound design


  • GOLD – Direction

Art of Creativity Awards

  • WINNER – Sound Design


  • SILVER – Sound design