22 Mar 2016

JUST EAT – Discover The Healthier Way to Takeaway

It’s been a few days now since our film for Just-Eat was released and we’re on our way to spreading the message of healthy eating!

Just-Eat approached us to help them get the word out on their new branch of healthy eating. The film reached over 250K views in the first two days of its life – Just-Eat are on the way to promoting healthy eating across the country!

It’s safe to say,  takeaways have become a staple diet for the millennial. The average takeaway is often classed as a greasy box of heaven that has the ability to cure even the worst of hangovers, but this isn’t Just-Eat’s message.

The film showcases two guys, slowly jogging, lifting small weights and discussing how to keep healthy… real strenuous stuff!  As we’re told the secret to being healthy, we can see all the healthy meals the ‘runner’ has been eating all week. When the just eat driver turns up our first instinct, along with his friend, is “he’s fallen off the wagon.” We are soon surprised when he receives another healthy meal from Just-Eat. The film’s comedic elements appeal to our emotions and doesn’t only emphasise the fact that cucumber is an excellent cat repellent, but also the message that healthy options are available from Just-Eat.