08 Sep 2015

Just Eat, Chief Takeaway Tester film

Don’t Panic have created a hugely entertaining short online video for the epic takeaway service Just Eat. The film was created to mark the opening of a unique opportunity available to students in the UK: to become Just Eat’s Chief Takeaway Tester. Those lucky few who are successful with their applications will win free takeaways for a whole academic year!

The film is set in a typical student’s house, with the highly charismatic current Chief Takeaway Tester taking the viewer through his messy abode and introducing us to his quirky and typically student housemates. The unusual tour reveals the awesome benefits of free takeaways for one person and their friends, and will have viewers salivating over a role that could have them masticating for days on end!

For all students wishing to enter, then they should fill in an application form on a specifically designed JUST EAT hub here and answer some questions to tell Just Eat why they would be perfect for the role. Just Eat will then choose five winners from different regions in the country to win £50 worth of takeaway per month for the school year.

If you like the film, then feel free to share it via your website or social media channels The video can be viewed on Just Eat’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.