28 Sep 2015

iphone Ad Blocker Will Let Users Decide What Ads They Receive


Crystal, the popular iPhone ad blocking service, has announced that it will join the ‘Acceptable ads’ initiative. This will allow users to opt in to receiving particular non-disruptive ads. First we had a way to block any and all content from us pesky advertisers, but now we are creating interesting narratives you might be missing out on. Don’t worry though because this initiative will mean that you’ll get the content you want to see on your mobile.

Their announcement earlier last week was met by criticism from its users. But for those stressing about the pointlessly click baity or irrelevant content re appearing on their devices do not fret. Ads will have to meet a criteria laid out by users themselves who determine whether or not certain content is worth unblocking. The idea behind this is to encourage advertisements to be user friendly and less disruptive, the larger implication being that users will be able to support the mobile web how they see fit, according to developer Daniel Murphy.

With adverts being blocked and others having to go through testing to identify whether or not it is ‘annoying, disruptive or deceptive’ its clear that content, now more then ever, must be genuine and engaging in order to ensure the user will opt to view it. Phew…now we can all enjoy genuine content on our devices again without also having to deal with dry lackluster campaigns from brands pointless throwing money about. And for all of those desperate to get Don’t Panic’s contagious content back in their lives it will be filtered through with the best of them.