22 Jul 2015

International Drag Day at Shoreditch House

Thursday 16th July marked the 7th annual International Drag Day.

Created by Adam Steward in 2009, it offers drag artists some well deserved recognition and an opportunity to be encouraged and celebrated for everything they offer to queer culture. In celebration of the day, Don’t Panic invited four equally diverse drag queens for an evening of sequins, glitter and general theatrics to discuss all things drag.

Although drag culture is being discussed more than ever these days, society still remains pretty ignorant when it comes to the nuances of gender and performance. Luckily, our four guests were able to shine a light on our misplaced assumptions. Chairing the evening’s discussion was Virgin Xtravaganzah – drag’s answer to the Virgin Mary. She was joined by Faux Queen Rubyyy, ‘21st century whore’ and catwalk model for Vivienne Westwood, Lady Lloyd and the UK’s first Muslim drag queen, Asifa Lahore.


With such an eclectic array of personalities it was clear we were in for some heated debate and a fascinating insight into each speaker’s experience of everyday life as a drag artist. The topics discussed were extensive and ranged from religion to feminism, gender to politics.


Alongside this, the drag artists were asked about their opinions regarding the supposed ‘commercialisation’ of their work, and rather than seeing negatively, the guests emphasised their approval of the exposure of the LGBT community in the mainstream media.
As the night drew to a close, we were treated to a performance of Rhianna’s ‘Unfaithful’ by Virgin Xtravagenzah, a viewing of Asifa’s spoof video of Barbie Girl, ‘Punjabi Girl’ and a DJ set by Lady Lloyd.


Thanks again to each of the drag queens for providing us with an equally entertaining and informative evening.