03 Feb 2014

Incongruous Celebrity Spokespeople

Mila Kunis recently become a spokesperson for Jim Beam bourbon. The new ad campaign features a video capturing Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s grandson, giving the hot Black Swan star a tour of their distillery, an education in bourbons and the Beam family history. Kunis appears excited as she “chews” the bourbon, but also a little silly. Print campaign - Mila Kunis Jim Beam

Here are a few other examples of weird celebrity endorsement…

Method Man and Sour Patch Kids

Rachel Bilson and Magnum

Print - Rachel Bilson for Magnum

Justin Bieber for OPI

Print - Justin Bieber for OPI

Brooke Shields and La-Z-Boy

Print - Brooke Shields for LazEBoy

Snoop Dogg and Norton AntiVirus Software

Snoop Dogg - Norton Antivirus

David Hasselhoff and Lean Pockets

David Hasselhoff for Lean Pockets

Heidi Klum and Carl’s Jr.

Heidi Klum Carl's Jr.

Ozzy Osbourne and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter