10 Feb 2014

Ideas Bank: Syria Crisis Viral

At Don’t Panic London our little minds are always buzzing around and thinking of new ideas, even when we don’t have to. It seems to be an instinct. It’s in our make-up.
So that these brilliant products of mental activity don’t go to waste, we fold them up and deposit them into the Ideas Bank, where we pick a couple out every now and then to show off to you guys.

Client: An international children’s charity.

Aim: To create a viral fundraising video to raise awareness and donations to the Syria crisis.

Help the children of Syria - Print

Idea 1: Last Will
A viral video features kids as young as five years old writing their wills. They don’t have a lot of possessions but whatever they do have is worth the world to them and they will only pass them on to their favourite people.

The video opens over the shoulder of a child writing her will. This includes hair bands, a summer dress, three lucky pebbles, a mug with a broken handle and hugs from her mum.
Each item is allocated to a friend or family member – Nidal, my best friend; Noor my brother; Ibrahim my uncle.

The child finishes the list and closes the book. The front of the book reads, ‘Last Will and Testament’ and the video ends with the voiceover, ‘No child should ever have to write a will. Make sure Syrian children never have to think of one.’

Ideas bank - last will and testament

Idea 2: Mummy, Can I Go Play?
Every kid enjoys playing games such as hide and seek, tag and football with their friends. They also love playing video games, with Call of Duty being one of the most popular video games of all time.

The life of a Syrian kid could be compared to such a game – they need to survive by dodging gun shots and avoiding bombs while tracking down clean food and water.

The video would be shot to look like a video game, such as Call of Duty. However in this game, the player is playing as a child from Syria and he’s just trying to survive. The only difficulty level is ‘Extreme’ and everyone and everything is bad. Just getting to the next level, or birthday, is almost impossible.

The video ends with, ‘Growing up in Syria is not a game. Help them live like children. Donate now.’

Call of Duty

Idea 3: First Words
A child’s first word comes with elated parents and lifelong stories.
In this video, a mother crouches by her toddler in a playground as he tries to say his first words. “James, come over here. He’s trying to speak,” the mother calls to the toddler’s dad. “Blood”, “explosion”, “death” and other words you wouldn’t expect a toddler to say comes from his mouth.

Children of Syria