24 Jun 2015

Ideas Bank: Sharing the Spoils

At Don’t Panic London we are always thinking about and developing new ideas even when we don’t have to. It’s in our make-up, our DNA. So that these inspirations don’t go to waste, we fold them up and deposit them in the “Ideas Bank”. Then every now and then we pick out a couple to show off to you guys!

Client: Online Trading Platform (Shares, Foreign Exchange etc.)

Objective: To raise awareness and create excitement for the brand with a stunt and accompanying video.

Idea:Stock Market Stall”

Treatment: In a busy market such as Hoxton or Camden we set up a stall selling something more unusual than the typical fruit and veg: stocks. Market-goers far and wide will hear the familiar market cry of the stallholder, only instead of shouting about “Cabbages! Two for a pound! Get your lovely cabbages!”, he’ll be shouting “Google stock! Up 2.3p today with rumours of another robotics startup acquisition!”. The stallholder sounds as Cockney as they come, but he’s wearing a sharp suit and looks like a stockbroker. A live ticker runs across the top of his stall; smartphones and tablets embedded in the surface run the brand’s trading app for people to play with.

  • The app can be downloaded via a QR code on the stall.
  • The stall is mobile and can travel around to different markets, or even to busy areas in the City.
  • A making-of video, complete with people’s reactions, and our stallholder offering advice, extends the message online.
  • We create a Twitter Account for our Stock Market Stall Trader full of salt-of-the-earth wisdom, humour and stock news.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 14.39.36

“Carrots, Tomatoes, Google and Facebook, we got em all”

Discussion: Stocks are scary. They can spike and flop in a matter of milliseconds. They can have you living on a super-yacht or in your parent’s basement. They’re a domain for hair-slicked, three-piece city types making million dollar deals with complex algorithms. They aren’t for ordinary people like us…

The digital age has brought us online for nearly every facet of our lives, but for many of us, online trading still retains that image of exclusiveness. It can seem like a world apart, occupied by likes of those characters in the original Wall Street film.


You’re not one of us…

In reality the “ivory tower” image associated with shares and foreign exchange trading no longer resembles reality. Certain trading websites are now simple, easy to use and anyone who does their research can make good returns on their investments. Our “Stock Market Stall” aims to highlight just that.