19 Feb 2014

Ideas Bank: Merry XXXMas

At Don’t Panic London our little minds are always buzzing around and thinking of new ideas, even when we don’t have to. It seems to be an instinct. It’s in our make-up.
So that these brilliant products of mental activity don’t go to waste, we fold them up and deposit them into the Ideas Bank, where we pick a couple out every now and then to show off to you guys.

Client: A British retailer specialising in lingerie and sex toys.

Aim: To help launch their Christmas campaign, highlighting in particular their free batteries offer and to drive in-store sales.

Idea 1: Vibrating ads
People can’t resist a button, so when blank adverts appear around Soho with nothing but a seductive red button in the middle of them and a simple call to action (Turn Me On), people respond.
When the button is pressed, the whole ad begins to vibrate. If people keep the button pressed, our message gradually appears: “Happy XXXMas from ….. Tweet us a picture now for your free vibrator! @….. #HappyXXXmas”
Another execution could be to adapt the board so that Tweeting the hashtag makes the advert vibrate.

Free vibrator - interactive advert

Idea 2: Good Vibrations
Our stunt actress waits in line to use an ATM or anything else that requires patient queuing. She looks very prim and proper in her nice skirt suit and glasses, with her hair tied back. Suddenly we hear a ringing and a buzzing noise. She starts digging in her bag for her phone, but she can’t find it! ‘Excuse me,” she says to the nice young man next to her, “Would you mind holding this for a second.” She pulls out an umbrella from her bag to make more room, and hands it to him. Then a book and finally a huge, vibrating dildo. She doesn’t bat an eyelid, but just goes on searching for her phone. Our cameras are there to catch the astonished reaction of members of the public who now have to stand there holding the toy in their hands with no idea of how to react.

Stunt - Soho sex toy

Idea 3: Photobooth Surprise

Groups of girls on a night out, all dressed up and looking their best, are sure to take advantage of this free photobooth to record the occasion. They pile into the booth, get comfortable on the small bench together, pose, and the camera starts flashing away, as they’d expect. But a split-second before the second flash comes, the entire bench suddenly starts vibrating. The second photo catches their immediate shocked reactions, the third one captures their full surprise and the fourth their laughter as they realise what’s going on.

We create an online gallery of the photos and film the whole thing from outside and behind the camera to create a viral video of the XXXmas photobooth tour. As a bonus, we could collect the girls’ email addresses beforehand to send them a link to their photos online.

Stunt - vibrating Photo Booth